Three Northern Strikers teams win gold medals at Quesnel’s Gold Pan Tournament

Three Northern Strikers teams win gold medals at Quesnel's Gold Pan Tournament

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The U13 Girls Northern Strikers team, who won gold at the Gold Pan Tournament in Quesnel last weekend.

The Fort St. John Soccer Club sent eight Northern Strikers teams to Quesnel last weekend for the Gold Pan Tournament. Three teams – the U18 Boys, U13 Girls and one of the U18 Girls teams won gold.

The U18 Boys went 3-1 in four games, with Mason Miranda leading the team with eight goals.

The U13 Girls went 3-0. Shayne Turner had six goals, and Brynn Kielo scored four.

The U18 girls split up into two teams, based on size (little and big). The U15 girls did this as well. The big U18 team went 4-0, winning gold. They were 4-0, including a 5-4 win over the other Fort St. John squad, team little. Madison Morton played goal for both teams.

The little U13 team went 3-0-1, finishing in third place. Isabella Ziebart had five goals, Kylie Bartlett had three, and Alyssa Orser had two shutouts in goal.

The big U13 team came in sixth. Kenzie Beech led the team with five goals and Julie Bonekamp had four.

Nine U15 Fort St. John players tried out for the B.C. Summer Games team in Quesnel as well. Lee West, Dylan Buziak, Liam McGarvey, Sam Hafner, Jacob Haluszka, Harrison Sewell, and Tyson Nielsen have been invited back for an additional tryout.

The two girls who tried out — Bella Ziebart and Mykenzie Beech — are awaiting news of how they faired at the tryouts.

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