Trump Says New Health Plans, Not Available Until September, Already Doing ‘Record Business’

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THE HILL: President Trump on Thursday promoted his administration's brand-new health insurance plans, which aren't offered to the general public till Sept. 1, stating they're currently creating "record business."

Speaking at a roundtable in Iowa, where he was signed up with by state and local authorities, in addition to a few members of his Cabinet, the president highlighted forthcoming health insurance that work as an option to the ones provided under ObamaCare.Trump said Department

of Labor Secretary Alex Acosta, who was at the occasion,"has developed extraordinary health care strategies. "Trending: Troubling Picture of Nude Barron Trump Published Online, Who Did It Makes It Even Worse"Alex, I hear it's like record business that they're doing,"Trump said of the plans, which aren't readily available for another 5 weeks.

"We just opened about two months earlier and I'm hearing that the numbers are amazing-- the varieties of people getting really, truly good healthcare rather of Obamacare, which is a catastrophe." The administration revealed its association health plans last month. The strategies, which enable small companies and other groups to unite to purchase medical insurance, are part of a broader administration effort to use slimmed-down, less expensive plans as an option to ObamaCare plans.Trump did not point out any numbers regarding the health plans at Thursday's event, while Acosta said he 'd heard Iowa services are"putting those associations together."The Labor Department has actually stated associations can not develop association health insurance up until Sept. 1. The nonpartisan Congressional Spending plan Workplace(CBO)approximated earlier this year that 4 million people will join the new association health insurance, based on the suggested guideline offered in January.Note From the Editor: The views and viewpoints expressed in this article are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the position of this site or of the owners/administrators of where this article is shared online. Claims made in this piece are

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