Tips for Making Gold in World of Warcraft: Classic.

Money makes the world go round. This old adage expresses a general concept known by all: money is energy. Money is the energy which keeps our socio-economical world turning. Azeroth is no different.

With Classic WoW expected to go live soon, you’ll want to instill good habits for acquiring gold. Whether you’re becoming the next Jastor Gallywix, conquering the unspoken algorithms of the economy, or saving up for your mount, we present a few tips and trick to help you on the way.  These are not intended to be a crazy or exploitative way to acquire gold. However, they will help you on your journey and aid in providing a better player experience.

My First Epic Mount in Vanilla World of Warcraft.

Loot and Sell Everything

Throughout your journey, you’ll loot many items. Sell everything not of value to you, either to a vendor, or on the Auction House. Always check the prices before posting on the Auction House. Addons such as AUX operate in a similar fashion to Auctionator, and offer many features to make the Auction House less daunting. AUX has four features: Search, Post, Auctions, and Bid. If you should venture to the Auction House, be sure to grab this addon. It will help navigate and organize Auction House data, ultimately saving you time and enhancing your gaming experience. And, as Gallywix would quip, ‘Time is Money Friend.’ This will help you make more gold.

AUX Interface.
AUX Interface.


Professions in Vanilla were vital for most classes, and, should be equally when Classic goes live. A players professions can be used for making gold, in one way or another. In Vanilla, if you were a ‘clothie,’ chances are you were proficient in tailoring and enchanting. A guaranteed gold-maker came in the form of bags, crafting gear, and enchanting. You could enchant your gear, your friends gear, and enchant other players gear for tips. Many also disenchanted and posted the materials on the Auction House to bolster their coffers. Professions like Leatherworking/Skinning and Mining/Blacksmithing also paired well together in Vanilla. Pick up professions as soon as you can, and level these while you level yourself. These professions aid certain classes better than others. If you’re making a cloth armour wearing character, I’d suggest taloring/enchanting. If you’re making a mail/plate armour wearing character, I’d suggest Mining/Blacksmithing, or Enchanting/Blacksmithing.

Play the Auction House

The Auction House is a key to profitable gold making in any expansion. Keep an eye on cheap materials you can buy and flip (reselling at a higher price point,) or turning them into crafted gear. This process is extremely rewarding, but also punishing if done incorrectly.  Take time to familiarize yourself with current trends and strategies which could land you some huge profit. Make use of the on your server. For example, if the Temple of Ahn’Qiraj is set to go live on the classic servers, spend your time farming earth elementals for elemental earth to make nature resistance potions. So, when Ahn’Qiraj goes live in this hypothetical, and everyone is using consumables, your nature resistance pots become a hot item to sell. Knowing what’s happening in the world helps instill and craft stellar gold making opportunities and strategies. Forums, Reddit, etc. will help with trends and information.


Plain old farming. There are some notorious farming spots in Vanilla WoW, where players would spend time farming items like devilsaur leather, black lotus, mining nodes, etc. Many guides exist which should help in tracking down profitable locations for farming. One of the guides I use is found on Blizzard Guides.

Concluding Thoughts

With Classic WoW servers launching sometime in the near future, being prepared with a game plan for gold making enhances the player experience. Keep in mind, these tips are not groundbreaking by any means. However, I feel these are necessary for any gold makers mindset; now, or in the future. Adding these tips to your mindset will help turn you into the 1%. What do you think about our tips? Do you have any general thoughts I didn’t take into account with the scope of this topic? Let us know in the comments!

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