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On June 1st, The University of Luxembourg Incubator arranged the 2nd Falling Walls Lab pitching competition hosted at the University of Luxembourg. Among the members of the guest jury was Martin Bell, Global Startup Advisor, Financier, Keynote Speaker, and Author of the "100 Job Start-up" playbook. Mr. Bell gave a keynote speech on the core tenets underlying his playbook and supplied Silicon Luxembourg with his ideas for lightning-fast development and successful execution of a concept. Have a look at the key points here!
(Included Image: Martin Bell, Global Startup Consultant, Financier, Keynote Speaker, and Author of the "100 Task Start-up" playbook/ Image Credit © University of Luxembourg)

The Keynote

"We talk too much about clever principles,'" stated Martin. "Whereas we must actually be focused on building a solid foundation." Just as a kid focuses on finding out how to walk prior to s/he carry on to driving, so need to a startup team solidify the vital internal components prior to aiming to go public. It's everything about building strong foundations.We often tend to believe

that the foundation of a start-up is its concept. Martin sought to press back on this, tipping his hat to the old expression, "just 1% of a successful development is the concept. The other 99%is execution. Similar to making a baby is simple and raising a child is hard, so too is the execution of an idea on the market."

But what are the elements of execution? In essence, staff member are the most readily recognizable elements. "You really require someone to construct and build the concept, whether it's an item or a service, and another person to properly implement it on business side. An innovator is thus innovator plus business owner. Among the most significant issues today is that creators rush growth without looking after the required fundamental actions to development; or, in other words, without exceptional execution."

"On the company side, there is a basically clear plan for developing successful business," inning accordance with Martin. You require HR, financing, and legal set up. "You do not wish to develop an item and develop your company, only to learn a year later on that the product you constructed infringes on somebody else's IP," stated Martin through a knowing smile. The next step is verifying that the item and its tech are safe and secure, scalable, and easy to use, followed by setting up sales and marketing, operations, and consumer care. "The last step is to make sure you have solid information collection and reporting, to do your stress test, and finally to put all of it together: launch!"

"Most of the ideas offered today [that is, at Falling Walls Laboratory Luxembourg 2018]," finished Martin, "are still in the idea phase. We'll see exactly what occurs in the execution!"

"Just 1% of an effective innovation is the concept. The other 99% is execution. Similar to making a child is easy and raising a baby is hard, so too is the execution of an idea on the market."

The Interview

You speak about lightning quick startup building and construction, meaning in 20 weeks. Do you believe there is any danger for error in rapid efforts? Possibly for human error?No-- that's

exactly the point of the 100 Task Start-up playbook. Errors in the beginning stages of a start-up normally take place because creators either have no idea exactly what to do or in what order to do it. If you follow the steps, you remove the "unidentified unknowns" from the equation. Think of a time when you said to yourself, "if only I knew then what I know now!" The playbook assists entrepreneurs avoid that circumstance due to the fact that it is the best-practice product of my vast startup experience. It takes away your blind spots. Hey, these aren't simply my words, this has actually worked time and time again.What is the biggest weak pointin new startups?The human one. It always boils down to the people, and everything cascades

below the starting team. It boils down to individuals's blind areas-- exactly what they are and are not familiar with. If two co-founders begin a business and they ignore what they do not understand, then threat will snowball. Creators'failure to face exactly what they do not know is the greatest powerlessness. At the end of the day, the starting team can never cover all of the necessary abilities had to construct an effective organisation around their idea. That's why the execution of team building and construction is so important.On the very same note, psychological intelligence and domain expertise are similarly tantamount to success. Psychological intelligence is important for effective people management, which is exactly what figures out effective execution in the long term-- and do not forget, execution is 99 %. Exactly what is one thing that can jump out to you throughout a pitch?It's truly the passion.

It manifests itself in a couple of ways. One is the sheer fire in the entrepreneur's eyes.

The other is, quite simply, how well the entrepreneur has thought the concept through. That comes through in the presentation and in the Q&A. This article was first published in the 9th concern of SILICON publication. Be the first to check out SILICON articles on paper before they're posted online, plus check out unique functions and interviews that just appear in the print edition, by subscribing online.