BACKLASH: Trump caved but we must remember who supported him

Trump caved! Do not get too excited about that. The migration disaster that we are experiencing right now is no mishap. Trump knows the outrage is short-lived but the divide and conquer longer long lasting. He got all the nativists, xenophobes, and racists reengaged. "Misión cumplida." Mission achieved.

Inning accordance with Roy Moore.

The Daily Monster (a href = target = _ blank rel = noopener) expose on Carlson says it best.

Fox News host Tucker Carlson is very worried about individuals comparing him to a particular genocidal dictator. "The cost is completely on you," Carlson told his audience in a Monday night monologue in which he cautioned of immigrants relocating to their areas, "but do not grumble, or else they will call you 'Hitler.'" But Carlson's monologue would not have actually been far out of put on a white supremacist forum. Hours after ProPublica released disturbing audio of immigrant kids who had been separated from their moms and dads at the United States border, Carlson told audiences the immigrants were coming "to change your country forever."

In a screed against exactly what he described as the "ruling class," Carlson (a millionaire who went to stylish Rhode Island boarding school St. George's) safeguarded the separation of immigrant families by forecasting "the collapse of the American family." His rhetoric, deliberate or not, plays into book white nationalist claims about traditional household structures and the white race. "You think any of these people truly appreciate household separation?" Carlson stated of liberals. "If they did, they 'd be fretted about the collapse of the American household, which is quantifiable and real, however they're not stressed over that. In fact they invite that collapse due to the fact that strong families are an impediment to their political power, which's why they're always lecturing you about the patriarchy and the evil of the nuclear family."

And after that there is Laura Ingraham.

"More kids are being separated from their parents and briefly housed in what are essentially summer camps, or as The San Diego Union-Tribune explained them today, as essentially looking like boarding schools," Ingraham said Monday. "The American people are footing a truly big costs for what amounts a slow-rolling invasion of the United States."

It is clear that the President's posse was all set. They finished the task to enhance the base. Now the president plays great. All readies. The mainstream media goes on to the next interruption. Democrats forget to continue mentioning the evils. Status quo is maintained. Trump wins again.

That is the cycle we need to combat versus. We must stop the insanity.

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