On This Day in 2012: The Queen and James Bond parachute from helicopter – Royal Central

Six years ago today, The Queen and James Bond jumped out of a helicopter over the skies of London to mark the beginning of the 2012 Olympic Games in London.In a brief film made for the Olympics Opening Ceremony, Her Majesty made her acting launching at the age of 86 as she welcomed Daniel Craig to Buckingham Palace.The Queen greeted the James Bond star with the well-known words:"

Excellent night Mr Bond ", and proceeded to walk to the helicopter with her footman and corgis.Although Her Majesty's dive from the helicopter was performed by a stunt double,

it has decreased as one of the best minutes in tv history.The movie was created by Danny Boyle in the summer of 2011. The Queen and Buckingham Palace enthusiastically accepted take part in the stunt.In total, recording took 3 hours and involved more than 130 people.Not just did Her Majesty look like herself, however her two corgis and her footman, Paul Whybrew, were also featured.Nicholas Brown, the BBC's director of Drama Production

, stated:"She got it in one take. That's what she does, and she does it extremely well. She is a professional."It was extraordinary to have the 2 [The Queen and Daniel Craig] together with the corgis and the schoolchildren. The Palace was terrific about the shoot, and we were happy and honoured that the Queen was included."It is rather fortunate that The Queen didn't leap from the helicopter herself, as the two actors who did never made it into the stadium and landed someplace near Stratford Station.