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Where you live has a substantial influence on your health and joy: Location dictates whatever from your regional weather to criminal activity rates. Each year, the Gallup-Sharecare Well-Being Index interviews 160,000 U.S. grownups about their lives, Big Story explains in the video listed below, there's an entire department of the United States Department of Treasury dedicated to repaying individuals for damaged cash.The Mutilated

Currency Division processes roughly 23,000 cases a year, paying about $40 million each year to replace bills that are not fit for circulation. It accepts loan in any condition-- the only requirement is that the claim should consist of at least 51 percent of the original note, to avoid repaying somebody twice for the very same bill.After somebody submits a claim for broken money, the group examines the costs with scalpels, tweezers, knives, or whatever other tools are required to go through the stacks and verify just how much cash exists. Costs arrive in varying states: Some have been clumped together and petrified by water, charred in ovens, or chewed up by insects. In one infamous case, a farmer sent in the entire stomach of the cow that had actually swallowed his wallet.Once the workplace processes the claim, it issues a reimbursement look for that quantity, and the unusable money is officially gotten of flow. But the U.S. government finds other uses for that messed up money. For instance, over 4 tons of old currency are mulched at a farm in Delaware every day.You can enjoy the complete video from Huge Story below for more information.< img src =""alt=nextArticle.image _ alt|e > Iceland Named Best Nation on the planet for the 11th Year in a Row Each year, an Australian think tank called the Institute for Economics and Peace examines the political scenario in 163 nations to come up with the Global Peace Index

, a ranking of how peaceful different regions of the world are. As Service Expert reports, for the 11th year in a row, Iceland took the leading area in the 2018 rankings, making it officially the most peaceful country on Earth.According to the institute's rankings, which take into consideration factors like federal government working, levels of corruption, violent criminal offense rates, incarceration rates, terrorist attacks, weapons imports and exports, and military expenses, Europe is the most safe area in the world. 6 of the top 10 most safe countries on the planet are situated in Europe-- Iceland(No. 1), Austria(No. 3), Portugal(No. 4), Denmark(No. 5), the Czech Republic(No. 7), and Ireland(No. 10). New Zealand, Canada, Singapore, and Japan also made the top 10 list. Institute for Economics and Peace Institute for Economics and Peace

Overall, the report discovered that as a whole, global levels of peace have succumbed to the 4th year in a row. Ninety-two nations have actually seen their rankings fall, while 71 countries enhanced their standing.The U.S. was among those 71 countries that moved up in the rankings, however in general, it had a pretty poor showing. Americans might see their homeland as a relatively safe location, by the institute's rankings, it's not even in the top 100 safest nations in the world. It ranks 121st, up one area from last year. The report cites increasing political polarization, the existence of nuclear weapons, high rates of imprisonment, weapons exports, and participation in external conflicts as some of the aspects that have kept the U.S.'s rating low. On the intense side, the report keeps in mind that the country's murder rates have fallen considerably over the last decade.Contrast that with our

Nordic good friend Iceland. While Iceland has a reasonably high rate of gun ownership--"access to small arms" is one of the negative aspects the index evaluates-- it also has some of the least expensive rates of violent crime on the planet. The country doesn't have a military force, and police deploy weapons so occasionally that it made worldwide news when, in 2013, Icelandic police shot a male to death for the very first time in the nation's history as an independent republic. The majority of the police force isn't really even equipped. And, obviously, the federal government takes fairies' desires into account while building new roads. (OK, perhaps the report didn't consist of the fairy consider its analysis.)

Seems like it's time to transfer to Iceland.Read the entire

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