Nikon to return to thriving mirrorless camera market – Nikkei Asian Review

TOKYO-- is re-entering the mirrorless electronic camera market after stopping production in 2017, and prepares to introduce a high-end model with a high-performance sensing unit by year-end.

The significant cam maker has reversed its previous policy as the marketplace has been broadening quickly. The general digital cam market has been shrinking, and mirrorless video cameras are the only sector where growth is expected.The move makes

Nikon, among the greatest manufacturers in the industry, the newest entrant to the marketplace. The business plans to catch up with its rivals by leveraging innovations and brand name power it developed through the professional single-lens reflex cam business.The upcoming mirrorless electronic camera includes the most significant image sensing unit readily available for general users. The target market is professional photographers and severe amateurs.The design is on the pricey side-- 200,000 yen to 300,000 yen(

$1,800 to$ 2,700 ). Sales are scheduled to begin in autumn at the earliest.The worldwide market for standalone video cameras is losing ground to mobile phones and other devices.Japanese camera makers have reacted by launching a variety of mirrorless designs, so called because they do not have a mirror like SLRs, allowing them to be smaller and lighter. In addition, they provide higher image quality than smartphones. They have actually rapidly become popular with ladies and young people.Global shipments of digital cams fell in 2017 to a fifth of their 2010 peak, at 25 million units. Of those, 7.5 million systems were SLRs, down 10%on the year, while 4 million were mirrorless, up 30 %, inning accordance with the Video camera & Imaging Products Association.This year, domestic deliveries of mirrorless electronic cameras are anticipated to go beyond those of SLRs. This forecast prompted Nikon to go back to the market.Nikon. delivered about 5.6 million digital cams in 2017, half of which were SLRs. The company aims to cultivate mirrorless as its second-biggest earnings source.