“Dramatic … Spectacular”: HUGE Win For Trump As EU Blinks– Trade Offer a ‘Major Concession’ by European Union [VIDEO]

President Donald Trump scored a "major win" on Wednesday by reaching a limited trade deal with the European Union, which made a "significant concession" to the United States to avoid a trade war.European Commission Pres. Jean-Claude Juncker

:" When I was invited by the president to the White Home, I had one objective: I had the objective to make a deal today. And we made a deal today." https://t.co/NkJuIoh4fP!.?.!pic.twitter.com/xR3SI8OK4L!.?.!— ABC News (@ABC) July 25, 2018( adsbygoogle= window.adsbygoogle|| []. push (); That's according to service news anchor Neil Cavuto of Fox News-- who just last

win for Trump's gamble of using tariffs, tweets, and risks to extract concessions from U.S. trading partners.Cavuto said: This is a dramatic, a spectacular development, on trade ... The Europeans, it

may be considered, have blinked. They have actually made concessions to President Trump ... to fulfill the president's need that raises tariffs that are already in impact versus the European Union. This is a significant win for President Trump. It is a major concession on the part of the European Union ... A few hours earlier, they were belittling-- all the major publications ... for the President of the United States, a win, and a huge one, financially.