Dallas officers question why drunken driving suspect out on bond – Story

Dallas Police Association authorities are not delighted that a suspected inebriated chauffeur implicated of killing a Dallas officer is out on bond.A candlelight vigil is set up Monday night for Sr. Cpl. Jamie Givens. Givens was eliminated Saturday early morning as he assisted with a funeral escort for another officer on Interstate 20 near Bonnie View Road.Adrian Breedlove

is accuseded of intoxication murder and illegal carrying of a weapon. His breathalyzer showed a blood alcohol level of.19, more than two times the legal limit. He bonded from jail Sunday early morning, less than one day after the crash.DPA President Mike Mata wants a description.

"It is wicked that Adrian Breedlove, was offered a

$76,000 bail permitting him to invest less than one day in prison and post a bond of a mere 7,600.00,"Mata said.Mata needs to know if Dallas County District Attorney Faith Johnson did anything to try and increase Breedlove's bond." If she made no such effort then maybe it's time to discover a District Attorney who takes more seriously the killing of

law enforcement officer, "Mata said.Attorney Pete Schulte, who is likewise a certified peace officer and is not linked to the case, said that Breedlove's bond is appropriate considering the

criminal offense was non-intentional and he had no previous criminal history."There's really no chance for the district attorney to get included in that procedure, it would be incorrect to do so, "Schulte said.Givens, 55, was a daddy of two served and had been an officer with

DPD for 32 years. He had been with the motorbike system because 2012. Officials said he was simply months far from retirement.A candlelight vigil for Givens will happen Monday at 7:30 p.m. at the Central substation at 334 S. Hall Street. There's likewise a bike put outside the substation as part of a memorial the public can go to and leave items.Givens 'funeral service is set for Thursday morning at Prestonwood Baptist Church. Personal and public visitations will occur Wednesday.