County’s shale, other funds benefit many

The Lawrence County commissioners frequently share the wealth when they have funds that can benefit other groups in the neighborhood.

At least a lots local organizations and causes stand to gain from Lawrence County's 2018 allotment of Marcellus Shale Impact fee funds, which shows the tax levied on natural gas wells understood from 2017.

The commissioners likewise have designated funds to organizations countywide from the basic fund budget each year for local ongoing programs and organizations that assist individuals or bring them into the community.The county's 2018 Marcellus Shale Impact Charge allowance from the state is$ 255,192. Commissioner chairman Dan Vogler

explained that the county is retaining $109,192 of that amount for preserving boat launches, the Stavich bike path and the West Park Nature Center.The remaining$146,000 is being divided and allocated as follows: - New Visions, $51,000 for assistance for its community programs. - C.J. Long Spartan Park in Hickory Municipality,$25,000 for park upgrades

. - Wilmington Municipality,$ 25,000 for enhancements to Marti Park.

- Neshannock Municipality School District,$10,000 for the upkeep of the Thompson Path. - New Wilmington Kid Scouts, $5,000 for deal with the Scout home in the

district park. - Butler County Neighborhood College, $5,000 for assistance for the marketing program for Lawrence Crossing. - North Nation Path,$5,000 for assistance for trail upgrades.

The trial goes through Lawrence County. - Hoyt Center for the Arts, $5,000 for support for Arts on the Riverwalk.

This year's downtown art show and market is planned for Sept. 8. - United Way of Lawrence County, $5,000 for assistance of the 2-1-1 program.

- United Way of Lawrence County, $5,000 for helping to provide an English as a 2nd language program for adults, to assist non-English speaking households moving into the community from Puerto Rico and other locations. - Renova Music Celebration,$3,000 support for the local chamber music celebration prepared for June 2-15, 2019.

- Lawrence County Animal Relief Fund,$2,500 for its roaming animal and spay and neuter programs."I think it's an excellent

list of projects,"Commissioner Steve Craig commented Tuesday before the vote." These are deserving companies and they make and influence on the neighborhood." Vogler offered a list of all of the county's total allowances for this year to help organizations. That cash, totaling$454,915, comes mostly from tax dollars and is from separate line items in the county's$32.5 million basic fund budget.Those funds were distributed as follows: - Agricultural land conservation,$23,000. - Lawrence County Airport Authority,$ 2,000. - All Aboard Erie,$3,000, helping to fund an expediency study for a high-speed rail path between Erie and

Pittsburgh. - Ellwood City Arts and Crafts Festival,

$4,250. - Ellwood City Chamber of Commerce,$4,500. - Ellwood City Christmas in the Park,$ 750. - Ellwood City Historical Society, $4,000. - Fireworks Celebration,$500.

- Lawrence County Social Services for elderly people transportation,$4,365. - Lawrence County Preservation District, $110,000. - Lawrence County Empty Bowls,$1,000.

- Lawrence County Fair, $5,000.

- Lawrence County Historic Society,$5,000. - Lawrence County Humane Society,$2,500. - Lawrence County Joint Chamber Foundation with Economic Development,$100,000. - Meals on Wheels,$2,500. - New Castle Area Transit Authority,$18,200.

- New Visions, $40,000

. - Young Boy Scout Troop 733 of New Wilmington, $9,750.

- North Country Trail, $1,000.

- Old Timers Day,$500. - Penn State Cooperative Extension, $108,000.

- Redemption Army knapsack program

,$2,000. - Villa Maria Education & Spirituality Center,

$5,000. - Westminster College

,$600, for the yearly Independence Day fireworks!.?.!