Trump-Cohen tape: Exactly what is Trump stating on ‘money’?

What President Donald Trump said at a pivotal point in a discussion with his former longtime attorney Michael Cohen has actually become the center of an intense dispute that might have significant implications for what happens next.

A CNN commissioned an audio-forensics expert to review the tape. The professional, Ed Primeau, said he had not read a transcript of the recording in advance and did not view any report about the tape. He stated he does not routinely follow the news so he can stay unbiased.

Primeau concluded that Trump responded with "I'll pay with money," not "don't pay with cash." Primeau utilized tools to improve the audio, isolate specific words, and take a look at sound waves on a screen, CNN stated.

Primeau added that the tape is plainly cut off after "check."

In a text message exchange with Company Insider, Giuliani reacted to CNN's analyst and stated the Trump legal team "analyzed" the tape "numerous times and our transcript is precise as to Cohen-Trump conversation."

Wishing to pay for the possible expenditure in cash-- making it impossible to trace-- might recommend Trump wanted to conceal proof of a possible campaign-finance offense. If he desired to pay with a check, nevertheless, Trump's intentions would be seen in a different way.

Barbara McQuade, a previous federal prosecutor, told The Post that if such a payment were" willfully "not revealed, it would be a criminal offense. Even if a payment was not made, there "could still be a conspiracy" to dedicate such a criminal activity, she said.

The discussion might end up being important in relation to another payment: the $130,000 Cohen paid to the porn star Stormy Daniels ahead of the 2016 governmental election to keep her peaceful about accusations of a 2006 affair with Trump.

McQuade told The Post that the tape "might be used as evidence of intent in the larger context of other evidence."

Michael Cohen and Donald Trump
Michael Cohen and Donald Trump. Drew Angerer/Getty Images; Sean Gallup/Getty Images; Jenny Cheng/Business Insider