Now, earn up to Rs 10 lakh monthly by starting organisation with Amul; here’s how

Amul Amul has actually brought out two various type of formats of franchise, each having various working capital needs and margins.India’s journal giant Amul has releaseded a brand-new opportunity for those thinking about starting a company. With this, business owners can take Amul franchise for earning a decent amount each month, which might increase to Rs 10 lakh per month. Interestingly, the franchisee will not need to pay any royalties or even share the profits with Amul.What franchisee should bear”The franchisee will have a prebuilt store/ area

in a great area either owned or rented. The franchisee is anticipated to bear the whole cost(viz. interiors and equipment, excluding property expense)of setting up the store which is anticipated to be in the variety of Rs. 1.50 lakh to Rs. 6.00 lacs depending upon the format,”Amul said on its site. Amul discussed that wholesale dealerships will supply stocks at the parlour and the franchisee will get retail margin. Retail margins will vary from product to item, stated the release. Working capital required Amul has brought out 2 various type of formats, each having various

working capital requirements and margins.Amul Preferred Outlet/Amul Train Parlour/Amul Kiosk For this type, the franchisee will have to invest approximately Rs 2 lakh, with Rs 25,000 goingtowards non-refundable brand security; Rs 1,00,000 towards renovation and Rs

70,000(approx. )for equipment and other incidental expenses. Amul has specified various margins from the different items. According to the details available on the site, the commission from sale is 2.5%for Pouch Milk, Milk Products– 10%and Ice Cream at 20 %. The pre-built space required for the shop will be 100-150 square feet.Amul Ice-Cream Scooping Parlour In this format, the minimum necessary area is 300 square feet. The franchisee owner will have to invest Rs 6 lakh, with Rs 50,000 for non-refundable brand security; Rs 4,00,000 towards restoration and Rs

1,50,000 going towards equipment and incidental costs.The margins are greater in this format, with about 50 %on dish based ice cream scoops/ sundaes/ floats/ shakes/ baked pizzas/ sandwiches/ cheese piece hamburger/ garlic bread/ hot chocolate beverage(Amul Pro). For pre-packed ice creams the margin would be about 20%roughly. These ice cream parlours will likewise sell other Amul products where the margins will be to the tune of 10 %, the company stated on its website.