$1 Million Worth of Gold Recovered By Zimbabwe Cops

Policehaverecovered nearly $1 million worth of gold and jailed 225 people for illegal possession of gold in the Africa and Botswana." Given that January 2018 cops have recovered 21kgs of gold, worth$960 521. 225 arrests were made throughout the

duration."The bulk of the healings are credited to intelligence informed raids mainly at Beitbridge and Plumtree Border Posts."As you know the bulk of our gold is smuggled into South Africa and Botswana,"he said.Chief Sup Sakarombe stated in spite of successful raids and arrests by cops, the

majority of perpetrators captured for prohibited belongings of big quantities of gold have not been prosecuted.He associated this to loophole in the Gold Trade Act adding that the police were engaging the Lawyer General's workplace for

possible amendment of the act. "We have lost cases including large quantities of gold. The cases are challenging to prosecute because the accused may reject ownership of the gold and another individual with a licence can come and declare the gold, exonerating the suspect,"he said."The problem is that the Gold Trade Act does not say if one is mining in Shamva they must not be seen with their gold in Beitbridge. There's a loophole in the act,"he said.Added Chief Sup Sakarombe, "If you arrest the person in Zimbabwe, chances are they will stroll free. We remain in the process of engaging the workplace of the Attorney General for the act to be modified". Chief Sup Sakarombe also regreted the unavailability of a whistle blower fund to pay informers who provide cops with intelligence of illegal transactions in minerals."There are no funds to pay informers. How do we get the intelligence? We have are handicapped because regard." In South Africa informers are paid 10 percent of the overall worth of the contraband recuperated. That discusses why there are more interceptions in South Africa

,"he said.Chief Sup Sakarombe said the authorities minerals border control unit was doing whatever in its power to suppress leakages in minerals.-Sundaynews Packing ...