GOP senator admits Trump trade war ‘catastrophic’ for American farmers

Republican Sen. Chuck Grassley admits Trump’s ill-considered trade war is ‘catastrophic’ for American farmers.One of Trump’s strongest

advocates in the Senate is confessing Trump’s ill-considered trade war is harming American farmers.Appearing on CNN, Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA), informed the network that Trump’s

tariffs have been”extremely, really damaging” to Iowa and he is”really, very nervous “about the result the trade war will have on his constituents. “Right now, on soybeans and corn in my state, it is disastrous with the remarkable drops in costs

that we have actually had, “he continued.Grassley has actually been a constant Trump advocate and has

a record of backing his agenda 91.9 percent of the time in Congress.Trump chose issues on the ground in his state from Iowa farmers.Recently, the Iowa Soybean Association stated the tariffs might cost farmers there over$600 million in profit.Morey Hill of the Iowa Soybean Association said the usage of soybean tariffs as”a weapon in the trade war “indicated that “everybody is going to lose.” Trump as normal has actually continued to reject reality.As Grassley was speaking, Trump

tweeted that he is “always thinking of our farmers

“and stated he is “combating for an equal opportunity for our farmers, and will win.”However they’re not winning.BMW just recently

announced that they would develop more cars overseas to be sold in China to offset the tariffs enforced by Trump. That decision implies there will be less vehicles produced at the BMW plant in South Carolina, and company there will suffer as well.The Trump trade war is already hurting the country across a number of markets. Grassley and his fellow congressional Republicans have done little beside concern a couple of moderate disagreements in public.Meanwhile American services are being stabbed in the back, even as much of those same employees offer electoral assistance for Trump and other Republicans.