Ep 033: Tim Leffel– Expat Business Owner Shares What he has Learned in his 3 Decades as an Expert Travel Writer

Expat Business Owner Shares Exactly What he has Found out in his 3 Years as a Specialist Travel Author.
Tim Leffel, an award-winning travel writer and author of several travel books, consisting of, Travel Composing 2.0:Making money From Your Journeys in the New Media Landscape, and, A Better Life for Half the Cost: The best ways to succeed on less money in the cheapest places to live. Joins us on The Expat Money Program to speak about travel writing, life as an Expat Business owner, and to offer advice to new travel blog writers and take a trip writers in the market.

Tim started backpacking in the 90's through a variety of nations and learned the best ways to earn money. From teaching English to composing short articles for hotels. Over the next 3 years Tim Leffel's journey has taken lots of turns along the method, so let's see into the life of a business owner Travel Author!

LIFE PRIOR TO THE INTERNET?? Have you ever questioned what life was like before the web? Prior to YouTube sensations, Adsense, and computer systems and there was only TELEVISION, News and a typewriter? And to take a trip as an entrepreneur travel author was substantially more pricey and lengthy. That's where Tim started, long prior to exactly what we understand today was the standard in the world of blogging. With Tims experience and understanding we break down

how you
can become effective in a career where you might see yourself in the next couple of years. Listen in with Mikkel and Tim as they talk about the secrets to being successful as an

expat business owner travel author and blogger: Being Focused Having passion The principles of writing for a living Is SEO truly all that essential

How typically must I write How typically must I post Exactly what's the essential to writing an excellent post Where to next? Ever question where someone who has actually been travel composing
for 3 years still hasn't
been to. We speak about that one unique place that Tim and his household have yet to be to(hint: I lived there for 1 year as an expat). EXPAT ENTREPRENEURS It does not amaze me how numerous people leave their the home of take a trip, to see the world and to educate themselves and their household. Many simply want to take a trip, however a lot


our listeners will vouch for this, they find their home nation is greatly taxing them and their liberty might be in jeopardy. LIVING OUTSIDE YOUR COUNTRY OF BIRTH Lots of Americans have figured out they can live elsewhere and not in the USA. Tim and his household live part time in Mexico and part-time in Florida. In this interview, we speak about a number


benefits to living outside your country of birth
and how you actually can make life deal with your terms. WHERE YOU CAN FIND TIM: TimLeffel.com Twitter: @timleffel LAST IDEAS I loved this interview with Tim Leffel since he is living the life of his dreams. He set out to do something he enjoyed and has ended up being a specialist in his field. For an hour we discuss how he has made his
dream a reality as an expat business owner, and what you can do to follow in a comparable path, and as one of
my coaches always says


discover somebody who is having success doing what you wish to do and model them ... On The Expat Loan Program, I aim to generate the best expat business owners from around the world who are d.