Auburn native, small company owner announces run for mayor

An Auburn native and small business owner has announced that he is running for mayor of Auburn. Richard Speake said mayoral candidacy runs in his family as far back as the late 1970s, when his mother ran against Jan Dempsey.

Speake, who studied field biology at Auburn University and owns a remodeling company, said he is concerned with what happens in Auburn.

Speake has lived in numerous parts of the country, and moved back to Auburn four years ago, where he has served as a volunteer firefighter. If elected, Speake said one of his top priorities would be replacing the use of Styrofoam in Auburn.

“Let’s do that like some forward-thinking communities around the country,” Speake said. “I’ve got plenty of good ideas, but first let’s get the Styrofoam out of here. There’s plenty of alternatives to that.”

Speake also said the city should place more importance on air and water quality.

“There’s a lot more than just humans living around here,” he said. “Let’s keep it clean for the non-humans around here, too.”

Speake said he also believes there should be a moratorium on new construction in Auburn.

“It’s gotten out of hand,” he said. “Let them finish what has started and don’t let them start anymore until that’s finished and renegotiate. It has gotten way out of control.”

Speake added that the city should also focus on improving mass transit. He said that he is available for anyone who would like to discuss issues of importance.

“I’ll go anywhere, anytime and talk to anybody,” he said.

The city of Auburn Municipal Elections will be held Aug. 28.  Ron Anders, Brittany Cannon Dement and Jordan Langdon have also announced their candidacies for mayor.

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