Ayubowan Startup Grind: Welcome To Colombo – README

With efforts such as investors sharing their journey of developing the billion-dollar companies. Through routine meetups featuring such people, Start-up Grind aims to help more youthful start-ups within the neighborhood. And in Sri Lanka, we have Takas.lk, Epitom Digital and V-ignite coming onboard as Startup Neighborhood Sponsors.What to expect at Startup Grind Colombo If you want to be a part of the first Startup Grind Colombo,then make sure to be at the Dialog Auditorium on the 22nd of

July. And the main speaker who will be sharing

his entrepreneurial journey here would be Mano Sekaram– CEO and Co-Founder of 99X Technology Ltd.Mano Sekaram– Ceo and Co-Founder of 99X Innovation Ltd. A well-known figure in the regional IT industry, Mano established 99X Technology, which is a leading software application engineering business. They focus on developing high-end software for clients across the world with a main focus on the European area.

In addition, Mano is also an active fan of startups and becomes part of the starting group behind Start-up X Foundry. Additionally, he has also worked as the Chairman of SLASSCOM in the past.Needless to say, Mano has had a long journey in the market and will have valuable lessons for everyone. Registrations for Startup Grind have actually closed at the moment. But fear not. You can contact the organizers of Startup Grind Colombo and grab any seats that appear at the last minute. All you need to do is to drop a message on Facebook to StartupGrind Sri Lanka. You can click here to do so. You can also stay updated with the occasion by clicking< a href=https://www.facebook.com/events/464929890615223/permalink/468685993572946/ target= _ blank rel=noopener > here.If you still ca n’t make it, you can alwayshead on over to our Twitter and Instagram feeds. We’ll be sharing everything that takes place at the first

Startup Grind Colombo as the Digital Media Partners.