After Glenn Beck ‘stormed off’ CNN, viewers say the interview exposed everything wrong with media

Glenn Beck made waves Sunday when he "stormed off" CNN throughout a live interview with Brian Stelter on his show, "Reputable Sources."

The mainstream media represented Beck as one who left angry over a question he did not like. Why was a journalist's personal question about Beck's business-- which had absolutely nothing to do with the subject at hand-- unfair?Watch the whole 7-minute to speak with to understand why Beck strolled out and why the interview is being utilized by some observers as an example of exactly what's wrong with the mainstream media.What happened?As Beck exposed in a post-interview Facebook Live video, he and Stelter had accepted discuss the Trump administration's"zero-tolerance "unlawful immigration policy, the resulting child separation, and how the media's role in the story even more drives a wedge between it and traditional America.Prior to talking to Beck, Stelter hosted the managing editor of Time magazine, who dismissed exactly what his publication did last week when it released a deceptive magazine cover, and George Takei, who compared detention centers at the border to World War II-era Japanese-American internment camps. Stelter did not press back against either guy's claims.Beck started the interview by issuing an indictment of the mainstream media's coverage of the Trump administration, its immigration policies

, and described why the media are unable to reach Trump voters."You have become me, circa 2009-- and you do not see it ... none of you [in the media] are willing to listen to exactly what you're doing, and you're dividing us much more," Beck stated. "We have actually had two individuals threaten the lives of either a congressman's kid or the president's child. Where are individuals who were so anxious about language and the tone on television?""Don't you comprehend what you're doing? You're driving people into the arms of Donald Trump,"Beck explained.Stelter replied needing to know"

exactly what is the ideal answer, then, if we do not explain the lies?"The exchange that followed exemplified Beck's point about the media: BECK: Well, to start with, you need to recognize the mistakes of the past. I can't take this border concern, because I wasn't allowed into anybody's circle after my audience

raised $3 million, and we risked whatever to go down to the border, and we brought churches together, we really fed the homeless. I was buffooned for bringing them soccer balls, which people now state is an excellent thing, because at least they have soccer balls at summertime camp. And on the other side, nobody in the media would even listen. No one would listen when I said-- STELTER: Glenn, that's not real. There was great deals of protection-- BECK: I had DHS people coming-- STELTER: I remember you going to the border in 2014. Obama policy might have been ugly. It's a lot worse now.BECK: Existed this sort of protection-- STELTER: Of course not. There weren't as many kids in jail.BECK: Obviously-- oh, stop it. Stop it.STELTER: Stop what? There were not

as numerous kids in jail.BECK: You're telling me-- so, it's the number. Exactly what's the number, Brian, that we care about putting kids in cages? What's the number that we begin

appreciating when we're separating families?STELTER: The more there are

, the more we care. Caleb Howe at PJ Media offered this analysis of the back-and-forth:"That was an objectively ludicrous exchange on Stelter

's part. He's absolutely dedicated to not saying the media

covers stories differently with Republican politicians in workplace than when Obama was president. So dedicated that he turns it into a ridiculous conversation about the amounts of scary, a gross estimation on anybody's part."Beck's main point was that the media's hatred of Trump and its desire to prompt outrage to drive rankings and revenue are turning Americans far from the media and into the arms of Trump, whom they might not even agree with. America is tired of being divided, misled, and lied to, Beck argued.Look no more for an example of this than the coverage the media provided the border crisis during the Obama administration compared to the media coverage of it now, Beck said: This is why people who do not always even support Donald Trump are stating, "you understand exactly what, I have actually baked in the lies. I've baked in the lies. I understand. I got it. I got it. "But the reporters now resemble saying,"well, 2 can play that video game." Neither one of you are self-aware sufficient

to understand that there is justice and grace. One's arguing justice, one's arguing grace, or they state they are, however they're not. All they're doing is playing politics, and the American people are tired of it. Who is speaking about an actual solution on this? Who's actually done something? Who's really consistent and cared when it was a Democrat in workplace and cared when it's a Republican in office? You understand? Those individuals exist around the country, and they're watching you two, the media and Donald Trump, playing this little game backward and forward, and they're ill of it. They don't wish to hear about it from either side.As Howe pointed out, the mainstream media aren't precisely reflective, nor are they open to useful criticism, makings the problems worse. This is why, Howe added, Stelter basically does everything Beck points to as troublesome, such as constantly interrupting Beck and arguing back against each piece of positive criticism Beck offers.The interview only hindered even more from there. Beck stated the media aren't thinking about having real discussion because he's connected to media outlets to have truthful discussion off-air, to which he's gotten no action. Productive discussions would need to be off-air, Beck said, since the media are just interested in outrage and rankings. Stelter appeared to miss out on Beck's point

: BECK: Due to the fact that it's all about ratings. Since this is everything about scores. This isn't about scores. This has to do with conserving our nation, bringing us together. Stop dividing us. I imply, you-- I cannot-- STELTER: So, to be clear, you believe that I'm dividing the country for rankings by booking you?Beck was fast to call out Stelter, who mocked Beck's usage of blackboards, for turning the interview personal. Stelter barely allowed Beck to finish one sentence.Finally, after Beck implored the media to be more self-reflective and self-aware, Stelter turned the discussion personal and asked Beck a business-related concern about TheBlaze."Wow, Brian, thanks a lot. I think

that's the most outrageous concern I've ever heard. I'm sitting here all set to speak to you about

the apprehending of children and moms and dads ... we want to stop it and you wish to play those video games? Have a nice day,"Beck stated as he walked off camera.What was the reaction to the interview?While immediate response decried Beck, by Monday morning, many observers had actually happened to Beck's side, concurring that there is an issue in the mainstream media and saying Stelter showed it with his interview.In reply to Stelter's tweet of the interview, individuals stated: I do not believe the interview discovered like you believe it did. If I were Glenn I would have strolled off the air as well. You lost me as an audience-- Candice Coppola(@candice_coppola ) June 24, 2018 Partisan politics aside

. You bring him on to go over immigration and attack him on individual company issues. You have a trustworthiness problem.-- Greg Dording(@GregDording)< a href =""> June 24, 2018 I'm

a left leaning progressive and glenn beck is absolutely. bad form on brian's part. packed questions, too personal.-- Jason Sakran (@Jasonsakran) June 24, 2018 I normally enjoy your show, however you clearly had an agenda and did not mean to talk about the prepared topic. I'm not one

who typically safeguards GB however I would have left too. Your facial expressions were awkward. Performing shocked?-- Chelsie Foster( @ChelsieMFoster) June 24, 2018