Sheriff who legally pocketed jail food funds denies sexual misconduct allegations


Just months after the March jail food funds controversy, Etowah County Sheriff Todd Entrekin is embroiled in another scandal dating back to 1992, regarding claims in a recent article.

In the article published Monday, Mary Elizabeth Cross, now 41, says she was 15 years old when 29-year-old Entrekin had sex with her four times on a Rainbow City property the sheriff still owns. In May, Cross filed her claims with the Oneonta Police Department, which has not made them public. Entrekin is among multiple Etowah County officers implicated in Cross' claims.

"She says she only came to see herself as a victim of abuse long after Entrekin and three other men allegedly had sex with her while she was underage. For years, Cross believed that young women commonly had sexual encounters with older men, and that the sex she had as as minor teen was consensual because she did not say no or put up a fight," journalist Connor Sheets writes.

Immediately after learning of the allegations, Entrekin asked his attorney to contact the State Bureau of Investigation to investigate Cross' claims, his lawyer says in Tuesday's statement.

"Innocent people invite this type of investigation -- and rest assured Tod Entrekin is innocent of these allegations -- and is anxious to meet and answer any and all questions put to him by State investigators," Entrekin's lawyer wrote Saturday in a email to Sheets.

In Alabama there is no statute of limitations regarding sex crimes against victims younger than 16.

Please see the statement released by Todd Entrekin's attorneys below:

Alabama Sheriff Todd Entrekin of Etowah County legally used more than $750,000 of funds meant to feed inmates to purchase a beach house. (Photo: Re-elect Todd Entrekin Etowah County Sheriff / Facebook)