Trump-Putin bond leaves U.S. alliances in doubt



>> President Donald Trump back in Washington Tuesday from a tumultuous European trip that included dressing down close NATO allies, while accepting Vladimir Putin's denial of Russian meddling in the 2016 race and ignoring US intelligence.>> They said they think it's Russia. President Putin, he just said it's not Russia.

I will say this I don't see any reason why it would be.>> All this leaves many wondering just where the United States now stands on the world stage. And whether deep ties to European allies can weather the storm. Nats Petalanik is following the story.>> Trump's European tour has left allies in the region extremely unsettled about the future of relations with Washington under his administration.

He has given support to a long time US adversary.>> We're getting together.>> While the NATO alliance has been built as a bulwark against Russia and any kind of Russian aggression. It now is unclear whether Trump is really willing to put up any kind of battle to keep Russia at bay.

>> Trump's refusal to cross Putin in Helsinki drew outrage even from his own Republicans.>> I was very disappointed and saddened.>> Trump's handling of his interaction with Putin has further muddled the U.S. relationship with Europe. President Obama and President George W Bush before him spent a lot of time working to build up cooperation with Europe.

President Obama in particular had to deal with Russia's invasion of Crimea. And the establishment of sanctions on Moscow as a result of that. What we have now is Trump raising questions about whether he's willing to maintain any kind of pressure at all on Russia at a time when Russia's made no concessions on Ukraine, has continued its activities in Syria.

And has denied outright any involvement in election meddling in the US.>> Trump's defenders point to higher military spending by the US including on NATO as a sign Putin will not have free reign. But many analysts say Trump's behavior in Helsinki is likely to further embolden Putin, with the world left wondering what could be next.