Motives Beauty Advisor Spotlight: Tanya Dorsey

This week’s WCW (Woman Crush Wednesday) Motives® Beauty Advisor feature is dedicated, Tanya Dorsey! Tanya is a valuable Motives® Partner! Read on for a glimpse into her growth through working with Motives and how she utilizes the power of a great makeover to to grow her business.

1. How were you introduced to Motives?

I was introduced to Motives by Linh Ly. She asked me to be a model for her get the look class she was training. I didn’t wear makeup at the time but agreed to be her Model. I figured I can just wash it off afterward. After she completed the look the whole class began to ooh and Awee I was turned toward the mirror so I can see, and I been hooked ever since.

2. What made you want to learn more and align yourself with Motives Cosmetics?

I wanted to learn more about Motives Cosmetics because after I had experienced the feeling of beauty, love, and completeness I had come into my Motives. I mean after I was made up by Linh I wasn’t going to wash it off and go back regularly. The way I felt after and all the beauty that I saw in that mirror, please that makeup was left on the whole entire day! I was a new woman, and I was amazed by how light my face was. The makeup was on so smooth without being so heavy and very pigmented! I couldn’t believe it.

So I had to change my major to Motives! I had to let every woman know that it is a cosmetic line that they can trust and it has Motives. Beauty in every shade, beauty from the inside out. I still remember feeling like a million bucks that day and will never forget. Now I share that experience so every woman I meet can have one of their own.

3. How have you leveraged education & business events to build your belief/ propel your success?

Leverage education by taking advantage of the affordable training system. I attended many of Motives training and business building training that’s provided by experienced Motives Trainers and Beauty Advisors. I have attended every MAWC and MAIC since I’ve been an UnFranchise Owner. My mentor (Jesse Smith Jr)always talked about how important it is to attend the world’s conference as well as the International conference to stay educated on what’s going on in your business. I learned early that it’s imperative to attend. When attending the MAWC & MAIC each year It’s inevitable that I will come back with Strategies to apply to the business that propels me to my next level of business. Every time I get an ah-ha moment.

I went to MBBA (Motives Beauty & Business Academy) in Houston, explosive education! I felt the passion and excitement in the room for education as we all converted from Motives Beauty Advisors to Motives Professional Beauty Advisors & Salon Consultant. MBBA challenge you to dig deeper into yourself because there’s more. I went to cosmetology school and it wasn’t cheap and did 1500 plus hours to complete and did not get the education to approach a salon nor did I have a product. I went to MBBA 4 days and I learned everything I needed to know about consulting a salon and or spa to leverage my business, Epic! We have the best technology, we have the best people, and we have the best product’s but without belief and faith in this Unfranchise business, we have nothing.

4. If you are a Beauty Professional: As a professional, what feedback would you provide for others that are evaluating Motives & the company behind it?

I will say if you are looking to have a business that you can build your legacy on, Market America is the one. I was so elated when I found out that I”m able to build my business and then will it to my kids and their kids and so on. There is no other business like Market America, We have time freedom and a team that’s connected worldwide. We’re literally built on a product but powered by people! Everything that I hear people say they need I’m able to match them to that product. It’s just that sweet

5. Is there anything that you’d recommend others to do/leverage as a beauty entrepreneur in order to maximize success?

I will say stay connected to the team by attending trainings. Training is the key to your success as well as buying tickets to the convention, world conference, locals and Motives training. Challenge yourself with the challenges. Listen to your audio, and write down your goal statement. With doing all of the above your bound to succeed.

6. What are you most excited about in regards to long-term goals leveraging Motives?

I am excited about my long-term goal in training others in Motives! Excited to see UFO’S smiling about their future, building their business two legs at a time. Jumping pin levels and cashing checks.

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