Frank Luntz Pursues CNN’s Brian Stelter: It’s ‘Revolting’ Media Doesn’t Provide POTUS Credit

Pollster Frank Luntz and CNN media reporter Brian StelterHeads about their coverage of President Trump's summit.Luntz then went after Stelter on Twitter for putting a lot concentrate on Trump's tweet, prompting the following exchange: Over half of all Americans (51%)state they authorize of how President Trump has actually managed North Korea.And this is what you're focused on?I believe it was worth 4 minutes of air time, yes. NK was a far majority of the hour. The majority of Americans don't believe Trump is suitabled for office

, and these sort of tweets are one of the factors why.There's an entire world outside of Blue Checkmark Twitter. And the majority of them( 77 %)think the media does indeed report fake news:!.?.!Try covering stories

they appreciate, not simply sounding DEFCON alarms any time Trump jabs your employer.https:// irqaje5IXp 4 minutes out of 60. Lots of time for"stories individuals appreciate."Hey, if you end up being a

cable television news producer, I'll certainly see your program I'll give you a complimentary concept, so I'm not just attacking without solutions: Cancel your program, and change it with a Heartland news show covering issues affecting individuals outside of the Beltway and Blue Checkmark Twitter Well, Luntz continued his criticism of Stelter during his appearance on The Ingraham Angle. The pollster began by acknowledging that Trump's polling is now much better than President Obama at this moment in his presidency and how"nobody talks about that."He then asked how anybody might be so" vital "of the president between the strong economy and tasks numbers and the promising talks with North Korea. And while he argued that Trump's growing favorability will assist the GOP as an entire, their interest is still eclipsed by the Democratic base. he did stress the"significance"of Trump's top with North Korean Dictator Kim Jong Un, comparing it to President Nixon's journey to China.Laura. Ingraham then played the clip of Stelter calling Trump's attack on the media"disgusting. "" You know what? It's 'revolting 'that they do not provide him credit for what he's done over the last 72 hours," Luntz reacted, deciding to disregard the substance of Trump's tweet."That they don't offer him credit for an economy that is really enhanced. They're getting what they are worthy of by the tone and the attitude of the coverage. They're actually assisting not just the Republicans, they're assisting to reelect Donald Trump should he run again.

"View the clip above, via Fox News.