Amazon rolls out shipment van program for business owners

SEATTLE-- Your Amazon bundles, which normally appear in a UPS truck, an unmarked lorry or in the hands of a mail carrier, may quickly be delivered from an Amazon van.The online retailer, desiring more control over how its plans are delivered, is rolling out a program Thursday that lets business owners around the country launch companies that provide Amazon packages. They'll be able to rent blue vans with the Amazon logo design stamped on it, purchase Amazon uniforms for motorists and get support from Amazon to grow their service. In return, Amazon gets more ways to deliver its packages to shoppers without having to count on UPS, FedEx and other package shipment services.With these vans

on the roadway, Amazon said more shoppers would be able to track their bundles on a map, get in touch with the chauffeur or change where a bundle is left-- all which it can't do if the plan is in the back of UPS or FedEx truck.Amazon has beefed up its shipment network in other methods: It has a fleet of cargo aircrafts it calls"Prime Air"and announced last year that it was developing an air cargo hub in Kentucky.Recently, the company has come under fire from President Donald Trump who tweeted that Amazon should pay the U.S. Postal Service more for delivering its plans. Dave Clark, Amazon's senior vice president of around the world operations, stated the new program is not a reaction to the president, however a way to make sure the company can deliver its growing variety of orders. "This is really about satisfying development for our future,"Clark said.Through the program, Amazon stated it can cost as low as$10,000 for someone to

start the delivery company. They don't need to rent the Amazon blue vans, however if they do, those lorries can just be utilized to deliver Amazon packages, the business said. The business owner will be accountable for working with shipment individuals, and Amazon would be the customer, paying business to pick up packages from its 75 shipment centers around the country and providing them to shopper's doorsteps. An Amazon representative declined to provide information on how much it will pay for the deliveries.Amazon set up a site,, where entrepreneurs can make an application for the program.