Real Holocaust Survivor Slams Liberals For Comparing Border Separations to Concentration Camps ⋆ Conservative Shooting Line

David Tuck, a Polish immigrant to the United States who made it through the Holocaust and detainment in multiple prisoner-of-war camp, consisting of the Lodz ghetto, has a simple message for Democrats comparing illegal immigrant border separations to Nazi Germany-- "Wake up."

"Look it up," he said in an interview with

A minimum of now that Trump's running them the child prisoner-of-war camp will soon be out of organisation.

-- rob delaney (@robdelaney) "They are politicians, planning to earn money," he stated prior to making an example comparable to liberals' over-the-top reaction to Laura Ingraham's comments.Laura Ingraham describes the detention centers where children are sent out after being forcibly separated from their moms and dads as"basically summertime camps."!.?.!— Judd Legum (@JuddLegum ) June 19, 2018 Summer camps, or ... When asked to compare

these detention centers to actual concentration camps, Tuck responded,"This is a nation club.""I was offered a piece of bread in the morning. A piece of bread in

the night, "Tuck said,

"I needed to survive with my life. I have a number on my arm to prove it-- from Auschwitz. "The Holocaust survivor went

on to explain the extensive process he needed to follow in becoming a legal immigrant to the United States, consisting of" 5 years of recovery, documentation and applications.

"To puts it simply, he didn't simply cross the border." They desire to concern America. So did I,"Tuck explained to supporters of prohibited immigration."However you have to know who is being available in. It is wrong to separate the kids from the moms and dads. However to call it a concentration camp? That is wrong. It's a nation club."Democrats need to pay attention to Tuck and stop invoking the Holocaust just because they disagree with President Trump's policy. Such rhetoric is an insult to those who actually made it through the Holocaust and needs to not be tolerated.Cross-posted with Mental Economic crisis Related: If you haven't had a look at and liked our Facebook page, please go here and do so. You can also follow us on

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