WORKERS STROLL: 9 personnel claim coffee shop owes thousands in salaries

9 employees have walked out on their boss and forgone their tasks at a Bundaberg cafe after building up thousands of dollars in overdue incomes.

The 8 women and one guy - all previous workers at Coffee Please Mate, approached the NewsMail last month after each of them up-and-left the organisation.

The group, the majority of whom are aged under 18, are seeking legal suggestions on whether they need to pursue the coffee shop for the cash they declare they are owed.

Despite working there for only a month, 18-year-old Rebecca Clements said she saw her first dollar just after she gave up.

"I didn't get whatever I was owed (about $600). Possibly half of it," Miss Clements said.

The teen claimed the coffee shop changed her timesheets to make it appear she had actually worked longer hours than she really did, before sending them through to employment firm EFFECT.

"Due to the fact that I was on a scheme through EFFECT, I was supposed to work 20 hours a week for the coffee shop to obtain the funding from them, but often I 'd do 11 hours or 15 hours and the cafe would connect a different payslip to the end of my timesheet with 20 hours on it and send it to them," Miss Clements told the NewsMail.

In a similar situation, former supervisor Jodie Stuart stated she earned money $200 a week if she was fortunate.

FORMER WORKER: Jodi Stuart is one of the nine staffers who says she's been left without.

PREVIOUS EMPLOYEE: Jodi Stuart is among the 9 staffers who states she

's been left without.Mike Knott BUN030718JODIE1 "I needed to require pay slips on a monthly basis to take them to EFFECT, "Ms Stuart said. The single mom's$4215.36 in overdue salaries is the biggest claim from the group."I have told him'(owner) John(Harvey)I am

going to court, I am looking for legal action ',"Ms Stuart stated."

We all stopped due to the fact that of this issue."In spite of being called on 2 occasions, Mr Harvey did not want to comment and just referred the NewsMail to Section 14.2 of the Junk Food Act.

The area states that the notification of termination needed to be given by a worker is the exact same as that needed of an employer.

"If an employee stops working to give the required notice the employer might withhold from any loan due to the employee on termination under this award or the National Work Standard ...," the area states.

Declaring she is owed more than $1126.24, 17-year-old Jasmine Airey said she typically did not get paid for approximately five weeks at a time.

Jasmine Airey.

Jasmine Airey.Mike Knott BUN030718JASMINE1" I called him (Mr Harvey) at one point and he put

$160 in my account, and I stated 'Well that's not even a week's worth of pay, that's not going to pay my costs'," she said. Miss Airey, who informally took over as supervisor after Ms Stuart quit, stated in her time at the

coffee shop there was "no such thing as weekend rates or breaks ". "I utilized to do eight hours each day, so I 'd put myself on a break, even though it wasn't actually a break as I 'd still be serving clients, and John would still subtract it from my pay."

Miss Airey's father, Matthew Airey, said the scenario was discouraging and worrying.

"It simply got to the point where I said to Jasmine 'sufficient suffices, you can't keep showing up and not be paid'," he told the NewsMail.

BUSINESS: Coffee Please Mate.

SERVICES: Coffee Please Mate.Brian Cassidy Short about $ 700 before stopping her job, 17-year-old Ashley Beja stated she never saw a payslip in her short time at Coffee Please Mate.

"If I was paid, it was cash in hand," Ms Beja informed the NewsMail.

"I was at the bank to pay an expense for my phone this one time, and I said to John that I needed him to put the cash he owed me into my account.

"I informed him 'You stated you 'd pay it by 12pm, it's now 4.30 pm, the bill's currently three days past due'.

"And he asked 'what's the costs about?'

"When I informed him it was none of his service he just started having a go at me and stated I would get the cash when I got the cash.

"I stated 'John I've been peaceful for 4 weeks now about this pay and now that I really require the money."

The group has gotten in touch with Fair Work and is going through preliminary procedures with Legal Aid.

9th Jul 2018 5:00 AM|Updated: 10th Jul 2018 4:29 AM
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