VIDEO: Business Entrepreneur & Dark Skinned Beauty Hamamat Is Cooking Up Som’n! The #VillageGirlDress

Ghana Celeb Watch Usually here, we have classed Hamamat as a design woman for years, however let's give her the title she genuinely should have, Entrepreneur. Hamamat has shown to be not just an extremely beautiful girl who spends her life on IG regularly provided us factor why being African is a remarkable experience, but a closer look into her activities will quickly recognize she is an Entrepreneurial force not to be reckoned with.Anyways that's not

the topic at hand, the exciting news is her quickly to launch mouth watering kaftan gown which will become available on her site for purchase. The instagram fly woman gave us a taste of the clothes behind the scenes project shoot and it looks like something you are going to need in your closet! It will probably be out by the time you read this so see the video below, follow her links and check it out! A post shared by www.FashionGHANA..TV( @fashionghana. television )on Jun 30, 2018 at 2:49 am PDT