Tesla Model 3 production target reached but did automaker cut corners?

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target reached but

did automaker cut corners? Tesla Design 3 all-wheel drive Performance rolls off a brand-new assembly line in a temporary structure Enlarge Photo Tesla took out all the stops to get 5,000 Design 3s built by July 1 including pulling employees from other assembly lines, stopping Model S and X production to paint nothing however Design 3's

, but likewise seriously removing an industry standard brake test created to make sure quality, according to a Reuters report. One factory insider said the business had gated"a big number of cars that had actually been constructed in previous weeks toward the total.Investors took the sales report with a grain of salt, questioning whether the production speed was sustainable, as Tesla's stock dipped after the announcement.According to the sources who spoke to Reuters, it might not be, a minimum of not yet.In action to criticism about dropping the brake test,

after earlier Design 3's brakes had not performed well in independent testing, a Tesla spokeswoman

stated in a statement emailed to Green Cars and truck Reports:" Every automobile we build goes through strenuous quality checks and need to meet exacting requirements, including brake tests. To be incredibly clear, we drive * every * Model 3 on our testtrack

to validate braking, torque, squeal and rattle. There are no exceptions. Tesla is in the process of enhancing its production line ... and in doing so we simply eliminated a test that was duplicative. Every Design 3 is driven on our test track, which permits us to thoroughly screen 100 %of cars and trucks at higher speeds and with more aggressive rates of deceleration, while also evaluating for noise and vibration, as well as extra steering tests that cannot be carried out on the brake and roll device. 100%of automobiles are validated for passing outcomes before leaving the factory."Tesla upgraded the brakes following Consumer Reports criticism, and the car manufacturer retested its Model 3 after the upgrade and discovered the brakes worked well.A Tesla factory worker likewise stated that the company borrowed staff members from the Model S and

Design X assembly line to keep the Model 3 line running, and kept those higher-end models from the paint cubicle to squeeze all the Model 3's it could through the procedure.

The paint store has actually been recognized as a production bottleneck by several sources, and there have been at least two reports of fires in the paint store in current weeks. The source told Reuters the Model S line ran 800 automobiles behind for the week to aim to reach the Model 3 production target. Tesla Design 3 purchased [Image by reader AH]

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