Japan Ranked Best Country in Asia

Inning accordance with a study performed in 80 countries Japan and Australia are the only Asia-Pacific nations that features in the top 10 finest nations of the world.The ranking to countries is ascribed with measuring elements like entrepreneurship, openness to business, adventure, citizenship and overall quality of life. The rankings assess 80 countries across 24 rankings drawn from a study of more than 21,000 international citizens measuring 75 dimensions that have the possible to drive trade, travel and investment.Japan is ranked the

finest country in Asia and fifth globally.Australia also includes in the leading 10 list of best countries of the world. It is ranked seventh globally and second in Asia. It has scored well on indicators like entrepreneurship, being open for company and cultural influence.Singapore, the dynamic metropolitan area, is ranked 16 internationally and third in Asia. The nation has high GDP together with a low joblessness rate. The increasing population has actually given rise to concerns of income equality and rising cost of living.With world’s second largest economy after the United States, China is ranked 20 globally and is the fourth best country to live in Asia. The country has a thriving economy

there are concerns like the significant level of increasing pollution in the country that affects the quality of life.South Korea is ranked 22 globally and is the fifth best country in Asia. The nation has witnessed a constant growth and has reduced hardship considerably. It is the world’s seventh-largest exporter and 11th-largest economy overall.India is ranked 25 internationally and is the sixth best country in Asia. It is followed by Thailand that is ranked 27 globally and seventh in Asia.Malaysia is ranked 34 globally and is 8th finest nation in Asia. The country has”gone a long way

towards reducing poverty, moving the share of households living below the poverty line from more than 50 per cent in the 1960s to less than 1 percent in 2015″. Malaysia is followed by Indonesia (41 ), Vietnam (44) and Philippines(49 ). Sri Lanka is ranked 51 worldwide and is the 12th finest nation in the region. Health requirements and literacy are high in the country although poverty remains a concern. It is followed by Myanmar (63 )and Pakistan(74 )The post Japan Ranked Best Country in Asia appeared initially on PattayaOne.