Network News Silent as Maher Roots for Recession; Hyped Rush’s ‘I Hope He Fails’ Remark

Far-left HBO host Bill Maher admitted on Friday he's Abundant Noyes in 2017 put together a montage of the hysterical journalistic response to Limbaugh saying: "I desire Barack Obama to stop working,' if his objective is to restructure and reform this nation so that capitalism and specific liberty are not its structure? Why would I want that to succeed?"

MSNBC, to the network's credit, has used some coverage of Maher's declaration. On Monday, Stephanie Ruhle fretted that calling for a recession will "assist" Trump.

Maher, in contrast to Limbaugh, is actively and openly rooting for a recession. The HBO host is a preferred amongst liberals. He is a Democratic power player who made a splash with a $ 1 million donation to Barack Obama in 2012. If reporters are reasonable, they will push liberals in and out of the media about Maher's remarks.