Exclusive: New Challenge Starts For Owen Roddy & SBG Charlestown

It’s early on Saturday morning in the Century Business Park in North Dublin. The sun is shining, but a lot of the city appears to still remain in a slumber.A ten foot Conor

McGregor and Owen Roddy spar above the doorway to SBG Charlestown. The message is clear;’Family Martial Arts & Fitness Centre’. That word, family, can imply a lot to numerous individuals. On this celebration, it’s a welcome mat for those planning to enter the world of blended martial arts.A dichotomy no more, blended martial arts is a fundamental part of the Irish sporting family.It’s peaceful, the shutters are still down. The silence is welcome but temporary.All of an unexpected, like a counter-punch Jose Aldo and many others know just too well, a sharp

‘beep beep ‘KOs the silence.Owen Roddy has arrived.Springing from his car, Roddy has lots of life. His excitement, and possibly a tinge of nervousness, for the

day ahead is palpable.This guy has actually been through everything as a fighter, a fitness instructor and a coach. But there are no jabs rather as effective as those included the service world.The grand opening of

the new SBG Charlestown is 3 hours away, and with it, a brand-new obstacle begins. “Howya Richie? Just 2 seconds I’ll open her up.

“As Roddy pulls up the shutters and unlocks to his brand-new center, I’m in wonder of exactly what I see.

*****” We ‘d remained in a little system in the same industrial estate,

with a matted area of about 1,000 sq.ft. Now, we have actually moved into this brand-new facility simply around the corner and it’s


sq.ft.”It’s got a devoted strength & conditioning area, an octagon, a matted location downstairs, a boxing ring and location upstairs, two altering spaces, showers, physio space

, assessment room, offices. It’s & amazing, it’s been a long time coming.” The long list of features checks out, SBG Charlestown has them all.Roddy weaves in and out of the different locations of the fitness center, proudly revealing them off as if they were a medal or a belt. Every one made from years of graft.”I believe the individuals on the northside of Dublin are worthy of a big center like SBG Concorde and Tallaght and D24 on the southside.”I live five minutes down the road in Ballymun. It’s really main, we have actually got Blanchardstown,

Clontarf, Castleknock, Finglas, Ballymun, Coolock, Artane. It’s a great place, however primarily it’s since it’s close to home.

It’s where my roots are from.Business, especially the fight business, can frequently be really black and white. You win, or you lose. The colour scheme in SBG Charlestown is the same. The black and white SBG logo design embellishes whatever, a badge of honour.Everything in the health club is either new or polished; an analogy for this stage in Roddy’s life. A brand-new fitness center, however a polished CV.” Hopefully, the health club will succeed. I make certain it will be. I have actually got the credit of dealing with Conor (McGregor )for numerous years now and working with some top-level

strikers so that’s why people see me as a striking coach.”But I’m a Brazilian jiu-jitsu black belt as well.

We have extraordinary coaches here, a great deal of purple belt jiu jitsu too. We have actually got the Irish champ in freestyle fumbling training here, multiple-time K1 champion, a top-level Thai fighter teaching, so we have actually got a lot of coaches.

“The kids’ program here is phenomenal. It’s excellent to see young kids come through. We have actually got a fantastic team, there’s going to be class for all sorts.”When speaking about the kids, an extra wave of optimism engulfs Roddy. As mixed martial arts continues to inscribe itself on the sporting landscape in Ireland, the calibre of young people advancing boosts with each roll on the mat. “I look at a few of the kids that came through my programme, like Lee Hammond, and I see how phenomenal they are. Amazing combined martial artists, which’s the prospective the kids have now.”They can start so early and by the time

they’re eighteen, they could have 10 years experience. When I began, I had one year of experience prior to I began my very first professional battle. Now the kids are so well-versed, it’s insane.

“”I’m going to be able to take a look at kids aged five, when they’re eighteen, they’re going to be remarkable professional athletes.” “I desire to keep the exact same family feel to our gym, however I just desire more people to experience it here.” There’s that word once again, family.Roddy has been disturbing the odds his entire profession, be it through his own actions in the ring, or as a coach under the shining lights of Las Vegas. Time and once again, he’s excelled.It would be ill-advised to wager against SBG Charlestown being a big success, Owen Roddy doesn’t understand any different. _____ You can take a look at SBG Charlestown on Facebook here.