CNN’s Welcome to Far-Right Pundit Is One More Example of ‘Trumpwashing’

As FAIR has noted prior to ( June 7)... The latest variation of this awful trend is the recent veneration of retiredLt. Col. Ralph Peters. A long-time Fox News existence, Peters quit the network in March to< a href= > much fanfare ,calling it a "propaganda device" in service of Trump. Peters is a strange arbiter of exactly what is and isn't really propaganda, offered his long history of bigoted, warmongering virtriol. From LivesMatter and Obama were Islamists, to calling Yemenis"primitive,"to composing an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal headlined"Civilian Casualties: No Apology Needed"( 7/25/02 ), Peters has actually been one of the most savage hawks and overtly anti-Muslim trolls in American media. He even lobbied for one of the really things he criticizes Putin for doing, the killing of journalists-- calling for"military attacks on the partisan media"in the Journal of International Security Affairs( 5/24/09 ). Now that he dislikes Trump for being mean to his pals in the United States intelligence community, he can discover a house once again on CNN as a Respectable, Reasonable Republican-- that the majority of valued of endangered types, in

urgent requirement of security. His appearance recently on Anderson Cooper 360 (< a href= > 6/7/18 )was provided several radiant write-ups in the United States press, eager for a defection story. In the liberal accept of recorded racist Glenn Beck, who then went on to be pro-Trump anyway, is any guide, there's an expense to legitimizing every reactionary loudmouth entirely since they say imply things about the president.

is that the latter happens to like the CIA slightly more than they hate poor people. Being good on exactly something-- hating Trump-- and in the most belated, surface-level manner possible, does not eliminate a hateful, racist ideology that animated one's whole career.Cable news manufacturers must factor that in when turning the fringes of the right into #Resistance heroes just since they check off one partisan box. Or, at least, if they're going to have them on, they need to spell out their visitors'long track record of hate, incitement and racism.Truthdig is running a reader-funded job to record the Poor Individuals's Campaign.

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