Watch this woman do chin-ups while hula hooping / Boing Boing

DRM, the World Cup, and exactly what occurs when a red group plays a green team

Before the W3C green-lit its DRM for web-video, we at EFF made a plea to permit bypassing the DRM to include accessibility features like moving colors to accommodate color-blind individuals; the management dismissed the concept as a mere nice-to-have that companies could be counted on to repair themselves.

CoachBot malfunctions during basketball match

Boston Characteristics lastly took an action too far with its new model, “Jalen Rose.” (Note: video contains NSFW language. Keep in mind: Rose remains in truth neither a robot nor a coach) [via Reddit]

Turn data into money-making choices with this Tableau training

There are some things you can get away with winging, but leading a business isn’t really among them. The reality is that when it pertains to making big decisions, business big wigs and small company owners alike count on data-driven insights to lead their ventures in the ideal instructions. That’s why putting in the time to […]

These bluetooth earphones recharge up to 10 times in their case

A number of us are still unwilling to fork out the $160 for a pair of earbuds we could extremely easily lose if we turn our heads just a little too quickly. On sale for $22.99, the Air Bud Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds provide a more economically sound alternative, and they even include a charging case […]

Make Facebook work for your service with this marketing course

Facebook benefits more than simply keeping tabs on your high school friends. The platform has ended up being a vital tool for online marketers and entrepreneurs developing their brand names online. So, whether you’re aiming to introduce your own venture or rise in your existing operation, the Facebook Advertisements & & Facebook Marketing Proficiency Course [ …]