This Daring Plan Could Rescue The Trapped Boys From Thailand’s Cave Without Any Diving

Authorities have actually been able to drain a few of the water from the cavern where a Thai soccer team has been trapped for 12 days, which may permit the team to avoid utilizing diving devices and practically stroll out.Rescuers can now get in the cavern up till the third chamber situated about 1.5 kilometers(1 mile)from the cave’s entrance without utilizing scuba gear, Poonsak Woongsatngiem, a rescue official with Thailand’s Interior Ministry, told reporters on Thursday.There are 20 pumps presently draining pipes floodwaters from the cave and water levels have been reduced about 40 percent in some areas.But difficulties still remain with 2.5 kilometers of the tunnel complete with water and heavy monsoon

rain anticipated this weekend.” The water level between the third chamber and the point the trainees are at is still high and

we have put the tubes at the third chamber aiming to get the water out as much as possible,” Woongsatngiem stated.” We cannot state whether there will be a rescue today or not. We hope there is no rain,” he included.

“We can not calculate how much the water drains of the cave because there is constantly water flowing into the cave.”(Skye Gould/Business Insider)

The 12 kids, aged 11-16, and their 25-year-old coach are situated on a raised embankment about 4 kilometres (2.5 miles) from the cave’s main entrance.The goal of this latest rescue plan is to drain enough water from the chamber and passage so the level drops from the ceiling to waist height.This method the boys would not have to find out

to swim or dive, and would have the ability to have their head above water as they exit, practically allowing them to go out.”We desire to drain pipes water as much as we can, “Poonsak stated,”Nevertheless, I could not estimate the depth. It varies since some areas might be much deeper.”Inning accordance with The Guardian, about 3,400 gallons(13,000 litres )of water are

being pumped out of the cavern per hour.Rescue teams are desperately pumping countless litres of water out of the Thai cave where

12 boys and their soccer coach remain caught, attempting to get the level as low as possible before torrential rain strikes tomorrow @ 9NewsAUS– Alice Monfries(@alicemonfries) July 5, 2018 Thai authorities have likewise suggested removing the team in phases, depending upon the kids’conditions.”All 13 might not come out at the same time. If the condition is right and if that individual is prepared 100 per cent,

he can come out,”Narongsak Osatanakorn, Chiang Rai’s provincial governor, told reporters on Wednesday.But the largest problem for now is the water levels.” We cannot risk more flooding,”Narongsak said. “We were racing against time prior to we found them. Now we’re racing against water. It keeps permeating through the cavern.”The boys are being taught how to swim and dive so they can be escorted out by Navy divers if required, and authorities may also be considering drilling down into the cave.The boys have been given food and treated for minor cuts.