Organisation In Focus: At Your Service Cleansing

Business In Focus: At Your Service Cleaning

House cleaning isn’t on everyone’s list of top favorite things—but a family business in Traverse City takes it in stride.

At Your Service Cleaning not only uses environmentally friendly products—but it also partners with non-profit Cleaning for a Reason to offer free cleaning for women undergoing cancer treatments.

Owner Melissa Smith says they perform that community service to help make a difference in the women’s lives and fight.

“Not only are they not feeling well, but they’re coming home from chemo, and we just want to make sure everything is clean for them in a nice healthy environment,” she says.

The cleaning service specializes in residences and vacation rentals. And the environmental friendly products they use include essential oils—a nod to nature and their own health.

“Me and my daughter had asthma for many years, and as you know, starting out with a cleaning business and using bleach—after work, I would come home wheezing and having just a yucky feeling,” Smith says. “So we switched over to essential oils, and they have some great products that are organic and all the tips and tricks that you can get with just using plant-based oils.”

Smith says the family-owned business has a personal touch, and recently moved to a new location on Union Street.

“Always hiring,” she says. “We are busting at the seams. We just moved to a new location here on Union Street, and since then we have already outgrown the space. So we are definitely in need of seasonal workers, full time, part time, all of it.”

Whether you are looking for a job or cleaner, you can get more information by heading to At Your Service Cleaning’s website here.