Leave Econet Alone, Mobile Phone Users Tell Government

Leave Econet Alone, Mobile Phone Users Tell Government Irate smart phone users have actually berated the government for bothering Econet Wireless over its alleged failure to slash down service charges.The federal government is

implicating the country’s leading smart phone provider of intentionally defying an instruction from POTRAZ on the decrease of tariffs.Below are comments from upset mobile phone users on the looming showdown in between government and Econet: Dady VaAngie: Eco-cash is not a government programme and Econet is under no obligation to discuss its modus operandi to Zanu PF. Repair money problems and stop counting on other individuals to repair
your mess.Kukue Haripo: If Ecocash is down we need to use cash zve nhaimi.

Where is the cash you promised us.Gift N Ndlovu: Hehehehe … we are
an ill nation, the government must fix the cash
crisis rather than seeking clarification from Econet, this is occurring at a time our unaware leaders are taking pride in the introduction of plastic money.Gotwe Siza Wekwachizinga: Leave Econet alone. You are cannot resolve the cash crisis and instead

of thanking Masiyiwa you wish to offer him the burden of your mess. That’s an insult and unacceptable.If our services have actually helped you, our work would be much more protected with your assistance-For as low as ₤ 5, you can support ZimEye– and it only takes a minute.

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