It’s Open Season for Media Discrimination Against Americans of East European Heritage

It’s Open Season for Media Discrimination Versus Americans of East European Heritage


It is Cold War redux in America. People from Eastern Europe frequently targeted and painted as bad guys. In this intensifying, harmful and extremely polarizing narrative of Trump-Russia election meddling probe wild conspiracy theories are plentiful. Americans of East European origin are typically identified as suspicious “Russians”, tarred by the press and decreased to spy unique caricatures. Callous gangs of cyberbullies and Web trolls are now operating under the guise of zealous “person reporters”, often prompting their career counterparts into action. There is little truth checking as well as less regard for newsworthiness of half-baked conspiracy theories.Complicit in this red

scare is our media, which frequently cheerleads for this deceitful story every possibility it gets, becoming a state propaganda arm for the extreme left faction in our federal government. Even if you register for the concept that Russia did meddle OUR PRESIDENTIAL ELECTIONS AND ALTERED ITS RESULT, THE COLLATERAL DAMAGE OF THE RED TERRIFY IS TREMENDOUS AND IS UNDERMINING OUR CORE VALUES.Russian Americans or

those from Eastern Europe with names that sound Russian are often innocent victims of the anti-Russia media focus. They are noncombatants pulled into the media-driven frenzy of McCarthyite fear, the new red scare, or rank yellow, so-called”journalism. As a reporter and somebody whose parents immigrated from the Soviet Union, I harbor deep animosity for this kind of filthy politics, and ethnic attacks.There are many examples of what I am explaining, but one current smear campaign stood apart. As I have actually been looking into for this article, I came throughout several careless hit pieces composed in fast succession by a McClatchy DC press reporter, Kevin Hall. Hall targeted a popular California business person with a long history of management in the Republican politician Party. His name is Yuri Vanetik and he is a politically well-connected immigrant whose parents brought him over from the Soviet Union as a kid. What struck me as especially strange about the apparent smear stories was that they did not appear relevant. Besides innuendo upon innuendo and individual attacks, they seemed to be driven by inferences and ridicule for Yuri’s East European heritage.The at first post appeared to suggest that Yuri Vanetik was in some way suspicious and had suspicious affiliations since

his social networks displayed photos of him with powerful political leaders; another “story”scraped Vanetik’s social media yet once again and talked about a civil lawsuit he was associated with some 5 years ago with Farmers & Merchants Rely on behalf of another major GOP donor, but another recommended that he had actually registered under FARA(Foreign Agents Registration Act) for a foreign businessman from Ukraine, spitting up different half-baked suspicions from previous posts. All were an obvious hatchet tasks, as well as had they been factually accurate, were inadequately blogged about virtually absolutely nothing. They had something in typical: they exuded meanness and pandered to the red scare hyped by the Russia election probe.I chose to talk with Yuri Vanetik. Vanetik was not challenging to reach and he consented to talk with me in connection with my story after I discussed that I am a journalist and that my own parents also immigrated from the USSR.

Vanetik accepted be spoken with, and albeit rather guardedly, reacted to many of my concerns. He discussed that among images with political leaders, he posted on social media pictures and information reflecting his love for nature, sports, poetry and music. I followed up with my own examination to confirm the accuracy of Vanetik’s claims and explanations that the McClatchy stories were mostly factually incorrect. I was shocked to find out that in addition to uncertain insinuations and ad hominem attacks, a number of the claims of truth in Kevin Hall’s articles were, undoubtedly, incorrect or distorted to mislead the reader and vilify Vanetik.I have actually found out that Yuri Vanetik emigrated to the United States from the Soviet Union in the 1970s. It would be more precise to state that his household immigrated when he was a little kid. His family was from Ukraine, not Russia. If you haven’t seen, Ukraine is battling a war with Russia.

Vanetik has been a successful business person in multiple fields, has a law degree, and a service degree from prominent universities in California. For several years Vanetik has been a political and civic activist, handling multiple leadership roles in the top GOP circles. In the last several years, Vanetik has taken up the advocacy business in Washington, D.C., taking advantage of his understanding of East European culture, his relationships in Eastern Europe, and his enthusiasm for American politics. Describing himself as a libertarian, Vanetik claims that patriotism drives his engagement in political campaigns. All this is totally normal and legal– of course.By virtue of dedicating nearly 20 years to political and civic activism, Vanetik developing relationships with power brokers in D.C. and has more than the years had his picture taken with prominent politicians(both republican politicians and democrats), once again, as lots of Americans do. Taking part in the political procedure and being photographed with politicians is likewise entirely legal. Vanetik discussed that for many years he has been associated with numerous services. Some have actually been effective while others did not get off the ground or ultimately failed. Everyone knows that lots of endeavor backed organisations stop working, and in itself this is not nefarious in any way. Occasionally, he would end up in a claim. In America taking legal action against someone over a company dispute or being named in a claim is not uncommon and generally not newsworthy.Yet, McClatchy’s Kevin Hall decided to paint Vanetik is a shady individual with some undefined, hidden agenda. Beyond insinuations, Hall provides no verifiable facts to back his efforts to smear Vanetik. Hall is noted as a financial investigative reporter, although his stories about Vanetik have nothing to do with financial examinations and reveal virtually no understanding

of politics or company. There was no criminal offense, no unethical habits, no police investigation or other examination. No, there was merely a Russian-sounding name(Ukrainian really for those oblivious of Eastern Europe ), and support for certain Republican political leaders. That was enough … torpedoes in the water. Vanetik was tight-lipped when I asked him if he planned to take legal action in connection to the McClatchy attack stories.
He told me that he is weighing his choices and examining damages to his reputation and service. Let’s go into a few allegations Hall made in his stories that turned out to be incorrect or deceptive. Hall makes a huge offer of Vanetik’s’Russian-sounding ‘name and him being a’Soviet emigre’. For a tolerant liberal, this appears highly prejudiced. Vanetik is an American legal representative and businessman. Hall uses this sinister name to transition into a deceptive regurgitation of Vanetik’s past, where he was included in civil

litigation developing out of service disagreements, as a lot of business people have. Yuri Vanetik found himself in this scenario near a years ago. He is appealing a civil judgment occurring from a company conflict. Once again, this is entirely non-newsworthy. Hall said Vanetik was not’ valedictorian’of his class at UC Berkeley. This was a pitiful, intellectually deceitful effort by Hall as he desperately parsed through a long list of Vanetik’s accomplishments looking for something incorrect. He could not. I performed my own investigation into Vanetik’s education. There was no exaggeration of any kind. Vanetik finished in 1991 Summa Orgasm Laude and Phi Beta Kappa with Highest Honors and

was a beginning speaker at his graduation. Berkeley has not used the world ‘valedictorian’in quite some time, so technically right, however clearly exculpatory info was left out, again clearly intentionally. I have actually validated his education and confirmed that he finished with highest honors from Berkeley. He sent me copies of his diplomas that reveal that he was a Phi Beta Kappa, and he explained that he was top in his major upon graduation and was the start speaker. His speech referenced Francis Fukuyama’s essay, Completion of History, as an illustration that liberal democracy has actually prospered as the dominant force in the world. His expert bio on his company’s site summarizes his achievements and does not state that he was a valedictorian. With popular presence on the internet, some other variations of his biography did list him as a valedictorian. The word valedictorian normally specifies a trainee, having the greatest academic accomplishments of the class, who provides the valedictory at a graduation ceremony. Vanetik talked at his graduation in 1991 and was the leading student in his significant. I have reached out to the previous Chair of his department, Teacher Charles McClain, who has verified this fact.Vanetik finished from a yearlong executive graduate management program at UCLA’s Anderson Company School, in addition to law school at UC Hastings. Hall, I guess, believes that this does not satisfy his’odor test, and declared Vanetik faked his scholastic record on his”authorities “website. Hall alleges Vanetik has a’shell company’in Wyoming. In case he had not seen, there are many jurisdictions in America where organisations are developed for tax reasons-Delaware, Florida, Texas, and Nevada come to mind. This is not a crime and does not mean it is a’shell business’. These are lawfully operating companies. I did not bother calling the Wyoming Secretary of State because Hall’s claim that Wyoming business are set up for wicked functions is outrageous on its face.Hall alleges Vanetik ‘opened a workplace’to lobby in Ukraine. He never ever did.HALL DECLARES THAT VANETIK HAS DOUBTFUL”ASSOCIATES”. VANETIK CLAIMS THAT HE HAS ACTUALLY NOT HAD CONTACTS WITH PEOPLE HALL LISTED AS VANETIK’S ORGANISATION ASSOCIATES FOR OVER A YEARS AND HAS NEVER BEEN IN ORGANISATION WITH THEM, ASIDE FROM SOMEONE, WHO WAS VANETIK’S ATTORNEY FOR MANY YEARS. TAKING A LOOK AT VANETIK’S AFFILIATIONS ON THE PLANET OF PHILANTHROPY AND BUSINESS AND POLICY MANAGEMENT, I BELIEVE THE REVERSE IS TRUE.Hall and his cohorts at McClatchy explain’overdue’debts on corporate charge card. The financial obligations were paid and considering that when is charge card financial obligation a criminal offense, or sinister?Hall suggests Vanetik’s FARA filings wanted, although never gotten in touch with Vanetik’s lawyer to get the truth. The filings are

all up to speed. I FOUND OUT THAT VANETIK WENT OUT OF HIS WAY AND SUBMITTED FOR CLIENTS THAT WERE REFERRED TO A MAJOR DC LOBBY FIRM BECAUSE HE PARTICIPATED IN SEVERAL MEETINGS AND WANTED TO DEMONSTRATE BEST PRACTICES AND REVEAL EVEN TANGENTIAL INVOLVEMENT IN POLITICAL ADVOCACY.The list goes on and on and on, deliberate misstatement of the realities, all done to paint an unfavorable, ominous photo of an American person who is patriotic, successful, well educated, and well

intentioned.Hall makes a big offer of Vanetik being photographed with Republican leaders in the House and Senate and setting up conferences for his clients and service partners. This is not a crime. It is part

and parcel of the advocacy service and this is exactly what politically connected people, business leaders, lawyers, tend to do. McClatchy and Hall’s hit pieces are unethical, incorrect, and destructive. Besides the red scare, we can just hypothesize what else led Kevin Hall to target Vanetik with such malice and careless abandon. Americans must not need to suffer since they have a Russian-sounding name. This doesn’t matter to the rabid, impeachment-seeking Marxists in our media.It’s time they suffered some of their own medication. Robert Kraychik is a self-employed reporter. He composes for Breitbart New, The Daily Wire, and lots of other prominent conservative publications.