Furries struck Pittsburgh

/ An emerging tradition: numerous Pittsburgh restaurants will serve your meal in a dog bowl.Photo: Rob Beschizza(CC BY 4.0) The Suburban Pittsburgh Book of the Pet dog Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, is one of very couple of

(and apparently the most populated) to publish data on its pet registrations. Nathan Fulton, a student at CMU, offers a summary of Pittsburgh Doggos By the Numbers, though it must be kept in mind that it excludes those within city limitations. (With 300k humans in town and a million […] Yearly trashing of Pittsburgh by Kenny Chesney fans breaks tonnage record More than 48 lots of garbage were left by fans of Kenny Chesney participating in a

concert this week in Pittsburgh– something of a custom for the country vocalist. The piles are staggering, the smell dreadful: a consequences so disgusting it has some speculating on how it’s even possible to produce so much garbage in such a […] Turn data into money-making choices with this Tableau training There are some things you can get away with winging, but leading a service isn’t one of them. The truth is that when it pertains to making big decisions, business huge wigs and small company owners alike rely on data-driven insights to lead their endeavors in the right direction. That’s why making the effort to […]< a href="https://boingboing.net/2018/07/02/these-airpod-alternatives-rech.html?utm_source=moreatbb&utm_medium=nextpost&utm_campaign=nextpostthumbnails" > These bluetooth

headphones charge as much as 10 times in their case A lot of us are still hesitant to

fork out the $160 for a pair of earbuds we might really easily lose if we turn our heads just a little too rapidly. On sale for$22.99, the Air Bud Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds present a more financially sound option, and they even include a charging case […] Make Facebook work for your company with this marketing course Facebook benefits more than simply keeping tabs on your high school buddies.

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