Who is Sam Bird? Love Island 2018 star and hunky gym entrepreneur

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Exactly what are Sam's best and worst characteristics?

He reckons his finest attribute is that he is simple to obtain together with: "I'm quite hyper and loud. I want to be the centre of attention, I'm a showman."

However, equally he states his worst quality is that he desires to be the centre of attention and is "quite self-centered".

Exactly what is Sam's relationship history?Sam has just had one

girlfriend he dated for 4 years. "She will not have a hint

I'm doing this,"he said." She'll believe it's amusing, but she will be shocked.

Sam has just had one serious sweetheart

"We broke up mutually and agreeably, generally due to the fact that she moved overseas. We had steered into a friendship rather than a couple."

He also has actually never ever cheated but has actually been on a lot of dates and had many flings which have not caused anything more.

Sam added: "I do not think I have actually met the best woman and my life hasn't remained in the right location. But hopefully Love Island is where I find love."

What is Sam's biggest turn off?Sam's most significant turn off is bitchiness.

He included: "And [somebody] seeming like everybody's against them when really they are the problem."

Exactly what is Sam's Instagram account?You can follow Sam at @samrobertbird.

* Love Island airs every day at 9pm on ITV2