Donald Trump Has Actually Gone Silent On Waffle House Shooting, And People Are Observing His Clear Predisposition

Travis Reinking, a 29-year-old white male, went to a Waffle Home in Antioch, Tennessee last Sunday. When he got here, he secured an AR-15 rifle and shot 2 individuals beyond the restaurant. He went into the restaurant and shot 2 more individuals. In overall, the shooter eliminated four individuals. The carnage made sure to have continued if not for the efforts of one heroic man.

James Shaw Jr., a young, black guy, was at the Waffle House in the early morning hours on Sunday when the shooter started his rampage. Shaw grabbed the AR-15 by the barrel and battled it away from the shooter. Shaw was not armed. He had no unique training. He conserved many individuals with his generous act of bravery and challenged a guy hell-bent on death and damage and stopped him in his tracks. After being disarmed by Shaw, the shooter left the Waffle Home. Days later, in a wooded location nearby, he was apprehended.Shaw said in a press conference on Sunday, “I’m not a hero … I’m just a routine individual. I think anyone might have did exactly what I did if they’re pressed. You have to either respond or fall. I chose to respond because I didn’t see any other way to live.”

Though he contradicts the well-deserved appreciation provided to him, Shaw’s actions unquestionably conserved lives. The president seems to have actually missed out on that little bit of information. President Trump has been completely silent when it comes to the shooting or Shaw’s heroism. His silence speaks volumes.Trump’s rhetoric is

specified by his racism. He speaks with the fears of lots of white Americans, a worry of those who are brown and black. From his migration policies to his support for cops brutality, this president has made it clear who he sees as the enemy of his “Make America Great Again “agenda.The truth is stark– a young, black guy conserved the lives of countless others. The enemy was a white guy with extremist views. He belonged to the Sovereign People, a severe right-wing organization. He went to the Waffle House and shot people who were not white.It should come as not a surprise that this president would desire to sweep this shooting

under the carpet. In a nation where white mass shooters are arrested, while young, unarmed black guys are frequently gunned down by cops who”fear for their lives,”James Shaw Jr.’s heroism is a bothersome fact for the Trump administration.